Report: Decommissioning in the North Sea
In association with Lloyds Bank​​​​​
Report: PE Legal Survey 2018
Petroleum Economist surveyed the world’s leading law firms working in the energy sector and ranked them according to their answers. GTR Design were then tasked with summarising these results in an engaging way.
Report: The Emerging Price Offerings From Second Wave U.S. LNG Projects
In association with King & Spalding
Report: The changing corporate landscape of the North Sea
In association with BMO​​​​
Report: Global Energy Elite 2018
Petroleum Economist compiled the list of the top 10 global figures from each energy sector. We then created a fluid layout that allowed each section to standalone and each featured person to stand out.
Report: Competition, Commoditisation & Consolidation
In association with Shearman & Sterling
Report: The sustainability pivot: energy turns to the future
In association with Lloyds Bank
Africa Oil & Gas Report
In partnership with Latham Watkins and Standard Chartered Bank​​​​​​​

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