The creative
The spherical emblem of the Exiar logo is a strong and recognisable symbol. Used in isolation when separated from the logotype, the emblem acts as a window, able to contain and display images to create a dynamic and exciting look and feel for the Exiar brand. 
We worked on a number of compositions that aimed to ensure Exiar was shown as a dominant, expansive and strong company in their marketplace. Images of Moscow with skyscrapers breaking out of the confines of the shape, and with planes and ships suggesting trade, were one of our proposed routes. 
A second option was to use the Exiar emblem as container for highly-textured imagery, rather than allowing it to break out. For this, we utilised black and white imagery to retain the shapes of the curves, allowing the emblem’s shape to remain well-defined. 
This direction was selected by the client and below is the final print ad we created for them.

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